Jon Jones Has a Message for Losers and Momma’s Boys

Jon Jones Has a Message for Losers and Momma’s Boys

Jon Jones Has a Message for Losers and Momma’s Boys!

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is ready to move on. Continue on to read Jon Jones Message… reports that despite Jon Jones being arrested and charged with domestic battery just hours after his Hall of Fame induction ceremony last September in Las Vegas, NV he is ready to put it behind him.

If you recall, “Bones” blamed on his addiction to alcohol, among other things, which is why he is swearing off drinking from now on.

Unfortunately for Jones, the bloodthirsty Twitter mob has yet to extinguish its torches, which is why “Bones” continues to be harassed on a daily basis.

And now the pound-for-pound great is firing back with another round of tweet-and-deletes, captured by Adam Martin.

Jones wrote:

If you’re still talking about what happened in Las Vegas but you’re living at your mom’s house, your priorities are in the wrong place my friend. You’re over there focusing on another man’s troubles, I’m over here focusing on getting farther ahead of you.

But what about a situation where a mom lives with her son?

Jones continued:

I actually respect situations like that tremendously. If my mother was still alive I would definitely allow her to live with me. I’m talking about you losers out there, very rarely do happy or successful people take time out of their day to harass others on the Internet.

“Bones,” who surrendered his 205-pound title in late 2020, was expected to make his heavyweight debut at some point in early-to-mid 2022.

Moreover, his current legal situation is likely to spoil that timeline.

We’ll know more over the next couple of weeks…stay tuned…