Josh Hart’s Nasty Tweet Raises NBA Eyebrows

Josh Hart's Nasty Tweet Raises NBA Eyebrows

Josh Hart’s Nasty Tweet Raises NBA Eyebrows!

We always say different stroke for different folks but this is something you don’t post on social media. Now, New York Knicks Josh Hart‘s nasty tweet raises eyebrows from NBA players… reports that New York Knicks Josh Hart decided to post a question about tasting breast milk and his teammates were thurrouly disgusted with him.

It was reported during their second round playoff series vs the Miami Heat that Hart’s wife had a child during the series, so it feels like this friend Josh Hart is talking about might be the one he’s looking at in the mirror.

Apparently he is a freak in the bedroom, but this is on that pervy ish. This is definetly something you do not ask on social media unless you want to get a reaction.

Josh Hart's Nasty Tweet Raises NBA Eyebrows

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See, Josh Hart took to Twitter asking:

Have yall ever tasted yall significant others breast milk? Asking for a friend?

This tweet, of course, sparked an entire conversation between multiple NBA players and personalities, some being Hart’s teammates on the Knicks. Shortly after he posted the question, this is what happened.

His teammate Jalen Brunson remarked:

Nah bro no BS delete my number!

Josh Hart former New Orleans Pelican teammate CJ McCollum also chimed in, and I have a lot of questions.

He said with a LMAO emoji:

Sick conversation ? heard it goes down like almond milk…

Photos courtesy of Instagram