Kyle Hamilton Handshake Goes Viral; How He’s The Next Micah Parson

Kyle Hamilton Handshake with GF Goes Viral; Why He's The Next Micah Parson

Kyle Hamilton Handshake Goes Viral; How He’s The Next Micah Parson!

You would think that the now former University of Notre Dame baller who has joined the NFL as the Baltimore Ravens safety would have gone viral for that. He didn’t – instead he went viral for the handshake he did with his girlfriend… reports that Kyle Hamilton has been making waves from his viral handshake with his girlfriend when he was drafted to the reason why The Baltimore Ravens drafted him in the first place.

What we can tell you is Kyle Hamilton has a few things going for him, one – the cool viral handshake and two – his size and length in addition to his well-rounded skillset.

Hamilton offered an explanation about the handshake in the video below:

He was welcomed with open arms by the Ravens:

Meanwhile, reports are coming in that Kyle Hamilton can be to the Ravens what Micah Parson was to the Cowboys!

His unique blend of size, length, and athleticism made him one of the most heralded prospects in this year’s class when the pre-draft process began. After running a slower than expected 40-yard dash time both at the Combine and his Pro Day his stock must have dropped in the eyes of the teams that picked ahead of the Ravens. They were elated when he was still available when they were on the clock and turned the card in expeditiously.

He is the kind of special one-of-a-kind talent that can take this defense and as a result, this team to new heights in a similar fashion to what Parson did for the Cowboys as a rookie. Even if he doesn’t run bring home the DROY hardware, his impact on the 2022 Ravens has the potential to be profound.

Why The Ravens Signed Kyle Hamilton?

via The BaltimoreBeatDown:

The Ravens drafted the best player available. After signing Marcus Williams to a five-year, $70 million contract—adding to a defensive back group of Brandon Stephens and Chuck Clark, it’s obvious the Ravens had Hamilton so highly graded that they couldn’t pass on him. It was the polar opposite of a “need” pick.

Long answer? Hamilton possesses prodigious size, length and a well-rounded skillset that will make him a versatile matchup weapon in Ravens Defensive Coordinator Mike Macdonald’s defense, which featured three safeties often at Michigan. Hamilton can line up in split-safety alignments, single high, in the slot and as a dime linebacker on passing downs. Let’s take a look at Hamilton in each of those alignments.