Larsa Pippen DUMPS NBAs Malik Beasley; She Has New Man Already

Larsa Pippen DUMPS NBAs Malik Beasley; She Has New Man Already!

Well, homewrecker Larsa Pippen did exactly what we thought she’d do after the PDAs of her and Malik. Once Malik was all in after tossing his family to the curb for her, she dumped him.

See, there are some people out there that love to creep, the reason is they have nothing to lose while the one cheating on their family does. They know they can do whatever and get away with it, plus they get off on the risk factor.


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Once the risk factor is gone, there is no point to date, so the person aka Larsa Pippen dumps Malik Beasley, reports

Where does Malik Beasley fall?

He ends up in the young and dumb section for NOT being a man and father to his family. He allowed a THOT to come into his life, get his rocks off, which was obviously out of this word because he dumped his wife and child for her. The P had to be one his best.

That also means his wife NEEDS to spice it up in the bedroom because Malik was staying from her peach.

Here’s the Tea Spill on Larsa Pippen Dumping Malik Beasley:

Socialite Larsa Pippen has reportedly broken up with her young NBA player BF Michael Beasley, just months after he reportedly dumped his wife for the middle-aged reality starlet.

Word got out that Michael and Larsa had stopped following each other on social media last week. At the same, Michael began posting publicly about how much he missed his son and his family.

Last weekend, it was clear that Larsa Pippen has already moved on from Michael. Now pics leaked which showed her poolside in Miami with a mystery man.

Meanwhile, Michael is trying to get his wife back. He probably wants his family back since he got hit with child support after his cheating scandal.

Beasley is only 24, but he still should have seen this coming a mile away. She didn’t even wait a week before getting with a new guy and you lost your wife over this.

Why Larsa Pippen is a THOT!

On to the next, for Larsa. The money-hungry socialite has found a new man to fill her void.

She is obviously looking for some new D while RUINING another man’s life.

The two appeared to be turning up the heat at the W Hotel in Miami, Fla., lounging by the pool close together and sipping on matching coconut drinks. The tattooed hunk by the 46-year-old’s side was Myles Kronman, an Israeli businessman.