Malik Beasley Ex-Montana Yao For Only Contributing $800 For Their Baby

Malik Beasley Ex-Montana Yao For Only Contributing $800 For Their Baby

Malik Beasley Ex-Montana Yao For Only Contributing $800 For Their Baby!

What’s worse than a deadbeat dad is a dad who is a multi-millionaire but is not contributing to help with the needs of his child after he was the one who cheated and left his wife and child for a THOT. Read on… reports that Montana Yao is firing back at estranged husband Malik Beasley for leaving her and their child for Larsa Pippen.

The 23-year-old filed for divorce from the Minnesota Timberwolves star after pictures surfaced showing him holding hands with the 46-year-old Pippen. Beasley’s attorney’s told Us Weekly that “Malik looks to put this matter behind him.”

Montana Yao’s lawyers, Paul Applebaum and Alan Eidsness, said in a statement to Us on Friday, January 22:

The assessment of Mr. Beasley’s attorney was correct when he stated that Mr. Beasley just wanted to put this whole situation ‘behind him.’ That assessment, however, omits the fact that Mr. Beasley forgot to inform Montana Yao, his long-time partner and wife, of his plans to leave his family ‘behind’. Instead, he put Montana and their young son out of the family home while he stayed behind to live there with friends.

Yao’s lawyers claimed:

Mr. Beasley has only contributed $800 toward the care of their son, despite making $15,000,000 per year in the NBA. Montana was a successful model before she met Mr. Beasley, but gave it up to focus on starting a family with him. She and her son are now forced to stay with relatives until she can restart her career.

After the photos surfaced showing her husband cheating on her, the former Miss Malibu Teen USA claimed on Instagram that she and her infant son were “told to leave our family home” and that she hadn’t received “any type of apology” from Beasley or the reality TV star.

Beasley’s lawyer responded to Us:

It is unfortunate that counsel for Montana Yao has elected to misrepresent facts in the media to seek sympathy, while omitting the fact his client demanded an outrageous and obscene amount of money for not only her, but for her mother, as an apparent bounty for an eight-month marriage. Counsel also omits that shortly before Montana Yao filed for divorce Malik bought her a $100,000 Range Rover. This is a cautionary tale for NBA players, who run great risk of situations like this which we must now mitigate in a court of law.”

Yao’s lawyer returned fire:

Mr. Beasley’s latest statement is false from beginning to end. There is a ton of information the world, and more importantly the NBA, doesn’t know that will be coming out in the very near future.

Malik Beasley net worth is $6 million. He can afford to give way more to his child. This is disgusting.

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