Mark Breland Responds to Deontay Wilder Accusations

Mark Breland Responds to Deontay Wilder Accusations

Mark Breland Responds to Deontay Wilder Accusations!

Retired world champion boxer who won five New York Golden Gloves titles, surpassing Sugar Ray Robinson for the most wins in the history of the Golden Gloves, Mark Breland is giving his take on all of the accusations levied against him by his former fighter, Deontay Wilder. Read on…


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A post shared by Deontay Wilder (@bronzebomber) reports [via Badlefthook]that during an interview with The Fight Is Right, Mark Breland had a few things to say about the ridiculous accusations.

Breland isn’t a man of many words, but makes it clear on his falling out with Deontay Wilder:

Mark told The Fight Is Right:

My whole thing with Deontay, that’s a part of boxing I guess. His career is done now so, I’m done, he’s done. I’m done with him.

When speaking on Deontay’s power, he relies too much on it, he explains:

One thing I’d like to say is that he’s got a lot of power and that’s all. And I wish him well, and that’s it. All he got is power, we’ll see how far that takes him. That’s all I want to say.

Mark Breland’s response to Wilder’s accusations of him tampering with his water.

He said:

I mean, so many people know me. My character speaks for itself…spiking the water, if you look at the tapes or whatever and stuff like that, you don’t ever see the water in my hands…and regardless of that, I’m there to help you, not to hurt you.

See, some people can’t take a loss…Now when you lose, don’t blame everybody, go back and think about yourself.

And as for the accusations about Fury tampering with his glove, Mark said:

If he did, which I doubt it very much — I don’t know, I didn’t see nothing — but still at the same time, he’s not gonna beat Tyson Fury. And Jay Deas was standing right there when he was getting his hands wrapped…and he didn’t say nothing.

The bottom line is “the proof is in the fights. Look at the fights. If you look at any of the fights where I’m the trainer or pro, you’ll see nothing like it, nothing, because he does what he wants to do.
No (he didn’t listen to me), not at all.”