Martellus Bennett Weighs In On Problematic White Media

Martellus Bennett Weighs In On Problematic White Media

Martellus Bennett Weighs In On Problematic White Media!

If you are a black American, then you can completely understand why former NFL player Martellus Bennett is speaking his mind on how “white media” keeps making black athletes look disgruntled. Read on…


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A post shared by Marty San (@martellusb) reports that Martellus Bennett is just TIRED on how ‘White media” outlets continue to make black athletes look like the problem.

While on Dr. Oz Bevy Smith was speaking about losing her father to COVID and how doctors overlooked him because he was black. She speaks on “the dirty stain” racism. This is something that needs to change.

The problem is many white people don’t understand when they are being racist because they haven’t learned what its like to be discriminated against because of the complexion of their skin. That is something African Americans have to deal with from birth.

American’s NEED to pay attention. Listen and learn it’s time to clean up “the dirty stain” racism.

Martellus reposted Deshaun Watson‘s statement regarding teams not being loyal to players, but they have to sign loyalty contracts.

Deshaun Watson – do not let the media try to control your narrative, you have power use it. Fuck this loyal contract shit. No team is loyal to any player

Bennett dove back into his original point — calling America as a whole a “white establishment” and how the system gets redesigned once they realized Black people are gaining ground.

Former tight end Martellus Bennett finished his career with 433 catches for 4,573 yards and 30 touchdowns.