Matt Barnes Expecting Third Baby with New Girlfriend

Matt Barnes Expecting Third Baby with New Girlfriend

Retired NBA player Matt Barnes is getting ready to be a father of three.

Matt Barnes has had a rough summer after his ex Gloria Govan tried to defame him after she claimed he served her with divorce papers wrong. The former Basketball Wives star hasn’t stopped her fight against Barnes. Read on…

Matt Barnes Expecting Third Baby with New reports that his girlfriend Anansa Sims, who’s ready to deliver Matt’s baby any day now.

Luckily that is all behind Matt Barnes, and now he can focus on his girlfriend, Anansa Sims, who is 32 weeks pregnant.

Barnes will be a daddy to his third child in December when she is expected to give birth.

A source told the publication that Barnes and Sims are happier than ever stating:

They are both happy and their families and friends are super supportive. She’s just really sweet and brings out the best in him. It’s a good pairing.

Anansa reportedly has three children with her ex David Patterson while Matt has a set of twins with his ex, Gloria Govan.

The happy couple will have 5 children together sort of like the Brady Bunch.

Congratulations go out to Matt and Anansa on their first child together.

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