Michael Jordan Villain Prediction Comes True

Michael Jordan Villain Prediction Comes True

Michael Jordan Villain Prediction Comes True!

Since ESPN’s new 10-part documentary series on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, “The Last Dance,” has aired many of his peers have sounded off about the NBA mega star and legend. And like Michael Jordan predicted he is becoming the villain just as like Harvey Dent said in The Dark Knight Rises “you either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain.” Read on…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Michael Jordan prophesied that viewers were “going to think I’m a horrible guy” after watching the behind-the-scenes footage of him and the Bulls.

Well it appears Michael Jordan was 100% on the money about becoming the villain in everyone’s eyes since multiple peeps sounded off about how horrible he was.

Craig Hodges, who played with Jordan in Chicago from 1988 to 1992, criticized Jordan for the way that he portrayed some of his old teammates.

Then, Shannon Sharpe said he would’ve “Whooped” Michael Jordan @ss!

The criticism didn’t stop there, nope, Jordan was also judged since he refused to allow cameras into his parts of his private life, such as his home.

Now that the documentary is over, people aren’t looking at how great of a player Micheal Jordan was on the court. No, instead, they are focused on the negative, both on him as a teammate and how the documentary portrayed others. Remember, Jordan had control over how this documentary was produced.

According to TheBigLead, the top story on ESPN yesterday (and many other outlets) was Jordan’s former teammate Horace Grant calling him a snitch. Today Jay Williams said he understands why Scottie Pippen would be upset by the doc and former Bulls player Stacey King said he was disappointed by how Jerry Krause was portrayed. Even Skip Bayless, he of Michael Jeffery Jordan reverence, discussed the negative side of Jordan today.

This is NOT a surprise since everyone these days loves to focus on the negative instead of the positive things, especially when it comes to a black man in the entertainment industry of sports industry.

The media is always ready to point out ALL the bad things and NEVER the positive attributes.

Things like focusing on the other things that made/make him a distasteful person, like spitting on food so others don’t eat it.  Sites are trying to get those clicks no matter how petty they need to be.

It’s sad since society often loves to build up sports heroes and then revel as they fall.

Nearly 20 years after his playing career ended, we’re still doing that with Michael Jordan.

What is crazy is that Jordan’s prediction has become reality.

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