MMA Fighter Brandon Moreno Nuts Are Okay

MMA Fighter Brandon Moreno Nuts Are Okay

Mexican MMA Fighter Brandon Moreno Nuts Are Okay!!

UFC star Brandon Moreno took a ferocious kick to the gonads from Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 256. The kick was so powerful Moreno was dry heaving in the Octagon. Read on for more details about MMA Fighter Brandon Moreno Nuts… reports that it has been 4 days since that insane fight between Moreno and Figueiredo which was judged a majority draw.

During the UFC 256, Brandon Moreno spoke to TMZ about taking a ferocious kick to the gonads from Deiveson Figueiredo.

When asked about his baby makers were doing after that ferocious low blow, Brandon had this to say about the “twins.”

Brandon said:

In that moment, it was very painful. Was very, very painful because he throws a really, really hard direct to there. I don’t say it was intentional, but man it was a nasty kick directly to my balls.

I think this the first time when a referee told me if I wanted to rest a little bit, my first time saying, ‘Yes, please I need this moment.’

Naturally, one of the first things Moreno’s wife, Shirley, asked about after the fight was her husband’s junk.

My wife asked me the same, ‘Hey, you fine?’ Like, ‘Yeah baby, no problem.’

MMA Fighter Brandon Moreno Nuts Are Okay

Why Moreno doesn’t feel any sympathy for Figueiredo?

Moreno learned that his opponent was hospitalized until 2 AM on fight day with a bad stomach infection.

He adds:

Before the fight, I don’t know anything about [Deiveson] being sick. He was in the hospital, but man, in this world of Martial Arts, that is very normal. I had like two fights in the company, I was very sick to my stomach, but I never said nothing because it’s my problem.

In fact, Moreno thinks Deiveson is using the medical situation as an excuse for not winning the fight.

Excuses, I can make excuse with my arm, because to be honest, between the fight, it was very, very painful. Too much pain in my left arm from my shoulder. Excuses. Nothing else matters.

Despite the results of the fight being a draw, Brandon posted this video on Tuesday thanking everyone for all the support:


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