MMA Legend Cain Velasquez Denied Bail; He Will Remain In Custody

MMA Legend Cain Velasquez Denied Bail; He Will Remain In Custody!

According to reports, UFC fighter and MMA legend Cain Velasquez won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Continue on since Velasquez Denied Bail… reports that Velasquez, 39, who was denied bail, was charged last week with attempted murder of Harry Goularte, a 43-year-old man accused of inappropriately touching a child related to Velasquez.

What we have learned via TPS, is that Goularte was released under the conditions that he stay in home detention, but as he made his way to get an electronic monitoring bracelet, Velasquez started shooting at him.

His bail hearing was set for 9am, and the judge denied it so he will have to remain in custody.

Many supporters, including many in the MMA community, are supporting Velasquez with t-shirts that say “Free Cain,” believing he was justified.

If he is convicted, he faces 20 years in prison.

Joe Rogan wishes UFC legend Cain Velasquez beat sexual molester to death:

If you think about it Velasquez was doing the right thing protecting a child from a pedophile.