NBA Reporter Kristina Pink Slips On Water + Face-Plants

Lawsuit: NBA Reporter Kristina Pink Face-Plants On Court Slipping On Water

NBA Reporter Kristina Pink Slips On Water + Face-Plants !

This was not what Kristina Pink had in mind when she did a face plant on the court floor during a Clippers game on Sunday. Ouch… reports that sideline reporter Kristina Pink needed to be helped off the Arena floor on Sunday.

According to reports, Kristina Pink apparently slipped on water and fell HARD face first following a postgame interview.

Pink had just finished up a post-win chat with L.A. shooting guard Amir Coffey, when she lost her balance and went crashing to the floor.

Pink horrifyingly landed on the court face-first … and the thud of her fall could be heard loud and clear on broadcast microphones.

Somehow, though, Pink avoided serious injuries in the tumble … writing on her social media page after the game that she’s expected to be fine.

Pink, who does games for NFL on Fox in addition to her role with the Clippers, said:

For everyone asking, I’m ok…There was water on the court… Appreciate all the messages.

Glad to hear she’s okay … that fall was gnarly.

Ouch! Thoughts???