RB Mark Walton Arrested At Pizza Hut

RB Mark Walton Arrested At Pizza Hut

RB Mark Walton Arrested At Pizza Hut!

Mark Walton Arrested again and this time, cops say it’s all ’cause the 23-year-old lost his mind over a failed Pizza Hut order. Read on…

CelebnSports247.com reports that Walton allegedly tried to smash a glass window at a Pizza Hut in Miami at around 11 P.M. on Jan. 31, before getting into a fight with his cousin.

And get this, Mark Walton’s was trying to restrain the NFL player, according to the police report

Now the question is — what triggered the alleged pizza shop meltdown? This is where things get even more bizarre.

Walton told cops he was “disrespected over the phone by one of the employees” — so he apparently went to the shop in person to confront the staff according to TMZ.

Once Walton arrived to the eatery, a witness says he flipped out because his order was canceled — “and started banging on the windows trying to pull on the door to gain entry to the business to confront one of the employees.”

At one point during the madness, witnesses say Walton’s cousin tried to physically remove the running back from the premises … but Walton refused to go and attacked the guy instead.

Cops noticed Walton’s cousin had obvious injuries — so they called for paramedics. Walton’s cousin refused to explain exactly how he was injured.

Walton was eventually arrested and booked on charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct. At the station, he took a smiling mug shot.

Of course, this is far from Walton’s first brush with the law … he’s been arrested several times in the last couple years, including once in 2019 when a pregnant woman accused him of punching her.