NFL Ref Doesn’t Call Obvious DPI During Texans Ravens Game

NFL Ref Doesn't Call Obvious DPI During Texans Ravens Game

Another week, another failed pass interference call gets overlooked by NFL refs who are making calls to sway teams to win or lose!

This was another blatant depiction of how the NFL has ref make or NOT make calls to sway which team will be the victor. Yes, this was an obvious Defensive Pass Interference Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey who grabbed Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins in the end zone. Read on to watch how NFL Ref Doesn’t Call DPI… reports that the NFL can do the right thing but when there are millions of dollars on the table its clear that team owners are allegedly using NFL refs to alter the outcome of games.

You be the judge, but take a look at the play that went down this week. It’s obvious that the Texans were facing a 4th down in the first quarter, but one missed call it gave the Ravens the hometown advantage.

See, the Texans QB Deshaun Watson let the ball fly to DeAndre Hopkins but before he could do his Dak dance, he was clearly grabbed by Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey, but yet no flag was thrown.

A challenge flag was thrown and just like every other time, the ruling stood anyway despite the evidence.

Even DeAndre Hopkins called how the NFL refs just let the DPI go.

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins wants the NFL to change the way it is handling pass interference replay reviews.

When will the NFL realize we see how they are fixing games (allegedly)?

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