OMG Kyler Murray ALL Jacked Looking Like A Meal

OMG Kyler Murray ALL Jacked Looking Like A Meal

OMG Kyler Murray ALL Jacked Looking Like A Meal!

Ladies 24-year-old Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is looking sexier than ever and we can’t take our eyes off how delicious he looks. He is hotter than biscuits and gravy, but damn you just want to sop him up and aske for seconds and thirds…


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A post shared by Kyler Murray (@k1) reports that Kyler Murray recently ranked at 12th when is comes to quarterbacks which means he end up just two outside of the top-10 of his annual rankings of NFL quarterbacks.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms ranked the Arizona Cardinals quarter Kyle Murray just outside that group at 12th. He fell off after ranking seventh last season.

Simms said in his breakdown:

This is one of the most physically gifted quarterbacks in the NFL, hands down. There is the banner statement. There is a lot to like about what he brings to the table!

Despite his current ranking this is How Kyler Murray can improve in QB rankings!

According to Arizona Sports:

Murray, who missed three games last season due to an ankle injury, ranked eighth in passer rating and seventh in QBR, according to ESPN.

How he performed down the stretch changed the narrative about where he belongs in the quarterback hierarchy. It wasn’t just the poor performance (137 passing yards, two interceptions and two sacks) in the NFC Wild Card loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

However, Simms said:

It’s not good in the pocket…The more you watch, it’s good in the pocket when it’s open and it’s free and there’s no pressure. … What you saw as the season went along a little bit, teams are getting used to these quarterbacks, these fast quarterbacks.

Simms adds:

He’s not going to stand in there and (say), ‘Oh wait, the pocket is collapsing, the post is coming open down the middle, pat the ball one more time, you’re gonna get crushed but it’s gonna be a touchdown. It’s not going to happen. He’s going to duck or run. I think there’s still some meat left on the bones improving at that.

Simms also believes that Murray — regardless of his personality type — can grow more as a leader.

Chris Simms goes on to say:

Maybe it is who he is. He has to find a way … within who he is to maybe have a little more effect on the football team. He’s the man, they’re still going to be good, he’ll still be good if he continues to approach it the way he wants to. He’s gotta start being an (expletive) or something … ‘What’s going on here is not acceptable, we got to fix some things.’

A vocal leader, something along those lines.

But Kyle Murray says:

I’ve dedicated my entire life to chasing this…do you believe in me?


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