Paul George Roasted With “Pandemic P” Jokes

Paul George Roasted With "Pandemic P" Jokes

Paul George Roasted With “Pandemic P” Jokes!

Immediately following last night’s Game 1 loss to the Jazz, “Pandemic P” began trending on social media with sports commentators and fans making fun of the 31-year-old hoops star. See how Paul George got Roasted… reports that the Los Angeles Clippers held a 13-point halftime lead against the Utah Jazz and squandered it all away in the second half.

They now found themselves down 0-1 in the second round.

The Clippers aren’t even having the worst day as a gambler shockingly put $900,000 bet on the Los Angeles Clippers to beat the Utah Jazz in Game 1 of their NBA Playoffs series. It would’ve gotten him $1.08 million.

They lost and Paul George got roasted.