Ravens D.J. Fluker Victim Of Domestic Assault

Ravens D.J. Fluker Victim Of Domestic Assault

Ravens D.J. Fluker Victim Of Domestic Assault!

D.J. Fluker, the veteran offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, allegedly was the victim of a domestic assault earlier this month, according to police in Baltimore. Read on for more details on Ravens OL D.J. Fluker being a victim of domestic assault…

CelebNSports247.com reports an argument Kimberly Davis between escalated between her and boyfriend D.J. Fluker became a victim of Domestic Assault.

On July 13th police responded to an incident in Reisterstown, Maryland, where D.J. Fluker told them that his girlfriend, Kimberly Davis, punched him in the nose.

A witness confirmed the account that Kimberly Davis and Baltimore Ravens OL D.J. Fluker were in an argument over something that happened on social media.

According to reports [SportsGossip]:

Davis told police that she poked Fluker in the nose but that she didn’t intend to cause harm. She alleged that the argument became heated when the witness said Davis was a bad mother to her and Fluker’s young daughter.

Davis was arrested on a charge of second-degree simple assault.

Fluker told police at the time of the alleged assault that it was not the first time Davis had assaulted him. Video obtained by ESPN showed Davis repeatedly hitting Fluker in late June during an argument over the care of their daughter.

The Ravens told Fox Baltimore that the team is aware of the matter.

The team released the following statement:

We have been in regular communication with D.J. regarding this matter and will continue to monitor the situation.

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