Reporter Fired After ‘Inexcusable’ Question to Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah

Reporter Fired After 'Inexcusable' Question to Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah

Reporter Fired After ‘Inexcusable’ Question to Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah!

During the week of the NFL Combine, a reporter’s question to former Ohio State defensive back Jeff Okudah went viral. Read on since a reporter Fired over Jeff Okudah question… reports that Ohio State defensive back Jeff Okudah, who is projected to be a top-five pick in the NFL Draft, was asked about his “sloppy” play.

Of course, Jeff Okudah was offended by the question and the reporter could have had more tact in how to approach his game, but the damage was done.

The reporter asked:

Sometimes you have a tendency to get kind of sloppy. How are you looking to kind of improve that?

Okudah responded by putting the reporter in his place saying:

I had zero pass interference’s, zero holdings, so cut the tape on again. I think you might see something else.

Reporter Fired After 'Inexcusable' Question to Ohio State DB Jeff Okudah

Social media ate it up, but a week after the conclusion of the NFL Combine, the reporter who asked the question was fired. It was reportedly said that it was specifically for how he addressed Okudah.

Pranav Rama, The reporter revealed himself as the person who asked the question Friday, saying he opted to leave The Scorecrow and pursue other opportunities.

It was interesting since the publication had a different response.

According to The Scorecrow, Rama was fired as a result of the question he asked.

Firing someone because of one bad question seems a little extreme, but Rama’s decision to double down appears to be what really got him in trouble.

Rama tweeted shortly after the video of himself went viral, arguing his question was fair.

Okudah FIRED BACK with a quote-tweeted and a GIF of himself, putting a big spotlight back on Rama.

Rama defended himself in a response saying:

This was not meant to be a personal attack on you. I had asked many players about their flaws to pick their brain and figure what type of player and what type of work ethic they would show based on their response along with body language. I hope you a have a good career Jeff.

Bottom line is the publication backed the player and NOT their journalist. There was nothing wrong with the question. Okudah, like many millennial’s was hyper-sensitive to the question and because he caused a stink, Pranav Rama lost their job.

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