Richard Sherman Takes A Dig At Kyle Allen

Richard Sherman FIRES SHOTS At Kyle Allen

Following the 49ers win over the Carolina Panthers, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman wasted no time in firing shots at Panthers QB Kyle Allen.

Find out what 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman said on social media about Cam Newton sub-Kyle Allen while he is out on the IR. Read on for the latest drama between Richard Sherman Kyle Allen… has the latest NFL drama that went down on Twitter on Sunday when Sherman brought Allen back to Earth.

The San Francisco 49ers took the field against the Carolina Panthers, and by the time they left the field, Kyle Allen was left licking his wounds. Meanwhile, The Niners put up 51 on the road team.

As for Richard Sherman, he was only getting started.

Sherman decided to tweet a quoted from ESPN insider Field Yates that pointed out Panthers quarterback Kyle Allen’s chances at breaking the record of most passing attempts prior to an interception.

Take a look below:

That’s right, the former Seattle Seahawks CB simply laughed at it because Allen threw 3 interceptions on the day.

What do you think about his dig an Kyle? Was it just childish or funny to you?

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