Shocking Footage: EX-NFLer Confrontation That Led To Man’s Death

Shocking Footage: EX-NFLer Confrontation That Led To Man's Death

Shocking Footage of EX-NFLer Confrontation That Led To Man’s Death!

EX-NFLer Travis Rudolph is currently on trial for the death of a man back in 2021 during confrontation – Footage from security cameras have now shown how things transpired… has an update from Day five of the Travis Rudolph murder trial that began the same way day four ended — with a crime scene investigator back on the witness stand.

Former New York Giants wide receiver Travis Rudolph is claiming it was only an act of self-defense after the brothers of his ex-girlfriend confronted him.

The Palm Beach Post reports, Attorneys for both sides presented opening statements last week, one casting Rudolph as the aggressor and the other insisting he was a victim. Rudolph, who played briefly in the NFL, is charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder in connection with a fatal shooting outside of his Lake Park home two years ago.

Four men appeared on Rudolph’s doorstep shortly after midnight onApril 7, 2021, to confront him about a dispute he had with his girlfriend hours earlier. The confrontation turned violent, Rudolph said, and he armed himself with an AR-15.

Prosecutors say the men were trying to flee in a black Cadillac by the time Rudolph fired 39 rounds in their direction, killing Sebastien Jean-Jacques in the passenger seat.