Steelers Stevan Ridley Cheeky Moment Video

Steelers Stevan Ridley Cheeky Moment Video

Steelers running back Stevan Ridley who signed on with Pittsburg for a one-year contract for 2018, was spotted having a cheeky moment.

Read on and watch the very revealing video of Steelers RB Stevan Ridley… has the latest happenings with running back Stevan Ridley who was spotted in his speedos.

And yes, ladies the man is looking real nice out of his uniform. Stevan Ridley (5-foot-11, 230 pounds) is 100% grade A country boy.

He is cornfeed and looking like a meal you just was to sop up with a biscuit and gravy.

If you pay attention to his social media then you’d know he love to hunt and is pretty damn good at it.

Not only that, the 30-year-old Pittsburgh Steelers player has been doing some traveling.

but like he said:

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

He’s been out in Coron, Palawan in the Philippines with his lady Lex traveling and seeing the world.

Stevan seems to be a fun guy and in the video about, he said this:

Massage???? DIS HERE speedo??????

Well alrighty then.

Ladies how many of you would like to massage this NFL hunk? Before you say hell yay, remember he’s taken. And to be honest, Stevan doesn’t seem like the type of guy who is gonna stray on his lady. You might say that’s the Natchez, MS in him.

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