Top 10 NBA Trades That Need to Happen

Top 10 NBA Trades That Need to Happen

The 2018/19 NBA season has had its ups and downs with certain players. Some NBA players just need a fresh start with a new team.

Sometimes a new team is exactly what the sport calls for and when it comes to these ballers, new surroundings may be new beginnings. Read on to continue to find out which top 10 NBA trades need to happen… has been watching and now that the first half of the 2018/19 NBA season has come to its hump there need to be some substantial NBA trades.

With the NBA trade deadline only a tad over a month away there are some NBA players who need change. Hopefully, on February 7th these men can find new homes and become a valued asset in their new surroundings. This Hot topic is the object of interest of online sports betting sites across the USA.

Here is our bet regarding the top 10 NBA players will do better if traded before the trade deadline.

Which top 10 NBA players need to be traded?

If you ask, then topping the list would be the Washington Wizards sharpshooting guard Bradley Beal who has two years left on his contract. His skills on the court have made him the topic of conversation between a plethora of organizations. He’s only 25 and is coming off an All-Star campaign. The current teams already showing interest are Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. Maybe a trade for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope could help the Wizards, but it seems the Los Angeles Lakers player already has the Rockets, and Suns looking at him.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has proven to be lackluster on the court this season.  Not to mention the Lakers recently re-signed Caldwell-Pope to a one-year, $12 million deal during the offseason and many are still asking why?

Next up, Jabari Parker, 23, for some reason the Chicago Bulls have not been that perfect fit the organization believed. Especially since he came with a price tag of $40 million for two years. Bulls coach Jim Boylen recently announced that Parker will be watching from the sidelines and out of rotation for the rest of the season. If betting on top 10 NBA trades Jabari fits the bill.

John Wall may be joining the list of NBA trades before the deadline date approaches.

Washington Wizards recently announced that Wall was injured with season-ending surgery to remove bone spurs from his heel. With that said, Wall has become a perfect name to be traded. John’s four-year, $170 million supermax contract makes him a shoo-in to be traded but it is said Otto Porter and Bradley Beal may be traded instead.

Nikola Vucevic and the Orlando Magic days may soon be over as well.

The 28-year-old contract ends this year. Vucevic has a unique ability to play down low and on the outside. He can be a value to another team playoff-bound team looking to add a useful piece. Not to mention, his contract of $12.8 million is affordable for an organization. So far, we are hearing that the Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs have shown interest in Montenegrin NBA player.

When it comes to Hassan Whiteside, basically the Miami Heat player has been inconsistent on the court. That is not a good mix for the 29-year-old and the team. Maybe a new location with one of these teams would be a better fit such as; Charlotte Hornets, Cleveland Cavaliers, or Portland Trail Blazers.

J.R. Smith seems to be the next Cleveland Cavaliers player to leave the building. It’s no secret that Smith or the Cavs have seen eye to eye, coach Larry Drew responding to JR’s criticism. Since the Cavs announced that Smith “will no longer be with the team as the organization works with JR and his representation regarding his future.” We can expect a trade announcement shortly. Possible rumored new homes for Smith are Houston Rockets or Oklahoma City Thunder. Wouldn’t it be great to see him with the Warriors though?

There are three more NBA players that need trading like Kent Bazemore, Patrick Beverley, and Robin Lopez.

This week, the Atlanta Hawks announced that Bazemore will be sidelined for two weeks due to a “sprained right ankle.”  Translation, trade is imminent!

Los Angeles Clippers Patrick Beverley is also looking to be traded due to his lackluster court skills heavily falling behind rookie Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The team is seriously trying to find him a new home, possibly with San Antonio Spurs, or Phoenix Suns.

Lastly, the 7-foot-tall Robin Lopez who has been having a miserable season.

The Chicago Bulls player is the last NBA player on the chopping block before the deadline. Lopez averages are at an all-time low and his deal is expiring soon. Robin recently weighed in on Bulls coach Jim Boylen about blogger, critics, and analyst saying he’s building a path to failure. Robin believes otherwise. Will this help his chances to remain with Chitown? Maybe not, so far, the Memphis Grizzlies and Milwaukee Bucks are interested in him.

We will see how all of this plays out in the next 40 days as the NBA trade deadline approaches. Stay tuned…


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