49ers D.J. Jones Proposes To GF On ‘MNF’ Sideline

49ers D.J. Jones Proposes To GF On 'MNF' Sideline

Ain’t this Romantic and shhh! It all went down on Monday Night Football as 49ers D.J. Jones Proposes To girlfriend.

That’s right David Oliver “D. J.” Jones got down on one knee and put a ring on it. Continue on to watch as D.J. Jones Proposes to his girlfriend…

CelebNSports247.com has the latest romantic moments in football since 49ers D-lineman D.J. Jones Proposes to his GF before the game — AND SHE SAID YES!!!

Pretty awesome right?

Well, 49ers D.J. Jones wanted to make sure that his girlfriend, Kayla Fannin is the only woman for him and now she knows it.

49ers D.J. Jones Proposes To GF On 'MNF' Sideline

Here is the set up:

According to sources, the scene was amazing … just an hour or so before Jones’ Niners squared off with the Browns — he decided to pop the surprise question to his girlfriend, Kayla Fannin.

Jones told her to look up at the sky … and when she turned her head, the 24-year-old quickly got down on one knee.

When she turned back around that is when the magic happened because he asked her to marry him, and she told him of course!

The two have been dating for a few years now … she’s been coming to his games every so often — and the couple is adorable!!!

Jones’ on-field play has been just as impressive – he’s been a regular starter for the Niners this season and we’ll all be watching to see if the good pregame news gives him a boost.

This is the type of down on one knee the NFL apparently approves of. Sorry, Kaep.

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