50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather Again

50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather Again

50 Cent couldn’t help himself, he clowns Floyd Mayweather over the upcoming showdown with “Filipina In Manila.”

Read on to see what 50 Cent did to really make Floyd Mayweather look foolish…

CelebNSports247.com reports that talks of a Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao II is on the table,

If you recall, Floyd Mayweather stole the W rather convincingly in their first encounter, mind you, with a wounded Manny Pacquiao at medium strength. Remember Manny was forthcoming with his injury before the fight, but now these two are getting ready for a round two?

Fast forward to 2019, the decision is apparently up to Floyd. And for the record, Pacquiao never pulled out of boxing in a semi-retirement stance, even during the many successive parliamentary campaigns he put forth in his home country of the Phillippines.

Not to mention but Manny Pacquiao is a major league strap holder, his WBA Welterweight title bestowed upon him during Keith Thurman’s lengthy injury layoff. Thurman is back to full-strength, so its possible a Thurman vs. Pacquiao will soon be in the cards.

Which brings us back to good ole Floyd and this video that 50 Cent post of him waving to fans. Thanks to 50 Cent the viral-push of the video clip has been given new life.

50 Cent sounded off with these words attached to the video above:

Hahaha, n—a thought he was Obama for a minute till he heard what she said. LOL, I DON’T LIKE YOU, CHICKEN YOU A CHICKEN I HATE YOU.

This is not the first time 50 Cent has CLAPPED BACK at Mayweather. Remember the Diddy incident? Then, there was the time Floyd called Fif his biggest fan since their friendship fell apart.

This is just another post in the longstanding beef between Fiddy and Mayweather. Do you remember this post?


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