Antonio Brown Feet Are Being “Circumcised”

Antonio Brown Says His Feet Are Being "Circumcised"

For much of last week, reports said that Antonio Brown was completely AWOL and not around the team or showing up to training camp in Napa.

Well, Antonio Brown had a good reason, his feet were severely frostbitten and he was having trouble standing and walking on them. Read on since a week has passed and he’s back at camp with an interesting way of saying his feet are getting better. Read on…

On Tuesday night’s Hard Knocks, learned via Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown who described the healing process sort of like having your penis circumcised.

During tonight’s episode,  Antonio Brown was seated on the sideline and asked the camera guy if he wanted to see his unsuckable frostbitten feet. He removed one sock and showed just how disgusting his feet were and why he still couldn’t practice with the team. (above)

Antonio Brown basically said:

My feet are pretty much getting circumcised.

He went on to explain saying:

Yeah, yay, it’s kind of like a pullback right now.

Once again referring to an uncircumcised man’s penis.

Thank you for the descriptive way of explaining the healing process, but we doubt that it’s like having a circumcision of your penis. But hey tomato tomatoes, right?

Earlier Tuesday, Brown said he was making new moves and found a helmet that works after launching a search on social media.

Take a look at the machine that caused the feet issue:

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