Browns WR Josh Gordon in DIRE STRAIGHTS

Browns WR Josh Gordon in DIRE STRAIGHTS

Things are getting real bad for Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon. According to reports Gordon is in dire financial straights and desperately hunting for a new agent who will float him some cash.

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Browns WR Josh Gordon in DIRE STRAIGHTS

Photo: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images has just learned that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is reportedly broke and NEEDS someone to float him cash until he gets reinstated, namely a new agent.

It’s been almost 3 FULL years since the insanely talented wideout played snap in the NFL. And even in his last year of play his season was cut short due to a substance abuse policy violation.

It sounds like someone’s habit is still controlling Josh Gordon life because his 4 year deal with the Cleveland Browns was cut in half. The 2012 draft pick only player for a little over a two and a half before he was cut by the Browns.

Yes, he blew his blessings. He was set to make $5,341,648 over 4-years, with an average salary of $1,335,412 in 2012. Then a GTD of $3,727,638. Plus, Josh made a signing bonus of $2,324,836, so how is he claiming he only made $1 million? Someone is full of shhhhhhhhhhh! He was set to be a free agent in 2018.

Instead he’s been out of work. Last week, he was hoping to get reinstated last week, but the NFL rejected his application and he won’t get to apply again until September.

Currently, he’s running low on that NFL dough, so says Bleacher Report [via TMZ] Jason Cole who described Gordon’s money issues as a “desperate financial situation.”


Browns WR Josh Gordon in DIRE STRAIGHTS

To make matters worse for Josh Gordon, he was fired by his agent, Joby Branion, and is hoping to sign with a new agent. One with some mula. Josh is hoping for a cash advance.

What is crazy is that Josh has made $4.2 million since being signed by the Browns in 2012. But now his cash flow is almost in the negative. Josh Gordon wasted his money on cars, boats and other vehicles. He did the typical thing athletes do, waste money on dumb shit. Cars loose their value, boats are costly, and if you hit the strip club its a waste. Especially when all the strippers know you’re a baller. They expect $10 to 100k to rain on them. The next thing that comes out of that is a unwanted baby mama or an STD.

Make money and be smart men! Don’t waste your money!