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Klay Thompson Girlfriend

Warriors Klay Thompson Girlfriend Revealed

If you want to have fun and NOT get serious then pick up a girlfriend like Klay Thompson, but the Golden State Warriors player Klay Thompson new Girlfriend spells disaster if it goes past just dating!

Basketball Wives here comes Klay Thompson Girlfriend…

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cody latimer

Denver Broncos WR Cody Latimer Arrested

Talk about backfire, but here is what happened when Denver Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer called police about his girlfriend attacking him he got arrested?!?

Wait until you find out why the Denver Broncos WR Cody Latimer was Arrested on the flip…

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Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher: Ex Wife Destroys Embryos and Alimony

You thought the drama with Matt Barnes was bad? Well the former New York Knicks coach, Derek Fisher Ex Wife has destroyed their frozen Embryos and lands hefty Alimony payment!!!

This makes an athlete to shy away from marriage after hearing Derek Fishers drama on the flip…

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