Colin Kaepernick Responds to SFPD with His Socks

Colin Kaepernick Responds to SFPD with His Socks

We told you that Colin Kaepernick is becoming more that just a 49ers quarterback these days. Colin Kaepernick is becoming a voice of the people and everyone is starting to listen!!!

Flip and find out why Colin Kaepernick work socks with little piggy’s in cop uniforms…

Colin Kaepernick Responds to SFPD with His Socks previouly reported that Colin Kaepernick struck a NERVE with the San Francisco Police Officers Association after Kaepernick revealed the meaning behind the sit down of the national Anthem!

Before we get into this, Colin wants everyone to know:

“I am not looking for approval!”

Of course the San Francisco Police Officers Association is demanding an apology claiming “your employee,” Colin Kaepernick, has disrespected cops, and they won’t stand for it!

What is so interesting is that Kaepernick was speaking for all the voices that have no voice. Colin was also talking to ALL police in the USA, not just the SFPDOA, but they took it personal. They tried to discredit Kap for what he believes in.

Is that right, because it sounds like police oppression once again?

And that is exactly why Colin Kaepernick sits during the National Anthem. You may not think its right, but if you are not a black person, and no we’re not talking about Rodney Harrison narrow-minded thoughts, you might not understand. Or maybe, you’ve been off the grid or living under a rock, so you are excused from the now news.

But if you are in the know, then you heard that NFL star Colin Kaepernick is quickly becoming a HERO to many in the Black Lives Matter movements and oppression for people of color.

His refusal to sit instead of stand is speaking LOUD with ALL and now his SOCK are his response to the SFPDOA. It sounds like Kap isn’t going to give them an apology anytime soon. And we agree the swine needs to sit down and shut up!

Here is what Colin has to say about why he wore his socks:

Colin Kaepernick Responds to SFPD with His Socks

And if you think Colin Kaepernick is out of line, wrong and making a mockery of the National Anthem. You are DEAD WRONG!

Colin is speaking out against police brutality like this. Watch below and you tell us, are the police right for beating a cuffed man? Were that right for the killing of Oscar Grant at the Bart Fruitvale station in Oakland on New Years morning? He was cuffed and face to the ground and they shot him in the back multiple time claiming he pulled a gun. What gun, he was cuffed with hands behind his back.

These are the men that are to serve and protect us. Instead they beat us, kill us, and get a hand slap on the wrist. They are back on the street. They are no better than some of the criminals killing. The only difference these days is they wear a badge. Stand up America. Wake up and see the TRUTH.

This is why Colin Kaepernick sits. His no voice but sit down is SPEAKING LOUDER that Dwayne Wade or any other athlete who made a speech and no action. Many celebs have spoken, but what have they actually done?

Colin is doing something. It sometimes take a silent man with a LOUD action for America to listen. Remember Martin Luther King started the same way. So did Malcom X and every black iconic leader who founded a movement. #BlackLivesMatter has done NOTHING but tweets. Colin has taken those words and made it an action!

Food for thought. #WakeUPAMERICA