Crypto Boxers Yahu Blackwell Invades Time Square

Crypto Boxers Yahu Blackwell Invades Time Square

Crypto Boxers, the most exciting, new and innovative realistic boxing game is taking over New York’s Time Square in a huge way. When it comes to the next level of gaming, this is the next level up for Playstation.

Crypto Boxers is changing the game with major strides in tech, being the first and only token-based boxing game issued by boxing celebrities and operating on blockchain technology. Read on…

Crypto Boxers Yahu Blackwell Invades Time Square

Photo: CelebNSports247 has an exclusive first look at the game and the functionality and we’re just blown away by Crypto Boxers.

Crypto Boxers features Hall of Famer and legendary referee Joe “Mr. Fair But Firm” Cortez and Boxing champion Yahu “Rock” Blackwell for a blow your mind realistic fight game. The new way of the future is here, and Crypto Boxers is ready to take over! It is slated to launch this summer, and already has everyone talking like ABC-7.

What Makes Crypto Boxers The Next Level of Gaming?

The best thing about Crypto Boxers is that is that it features real life boxing professionals as collectible tokens in a way never done before. The virtual fighting action happens on Ethereum an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform. In case you don’t know, it is an operating system featuring smart contract functionality.

Crypto Boxers puts you in charge of your own destiny, the more fights you win the more you bank in crypto tokens. There is no other game on the planet that has these features or does anything like this. It is the future of gaming technology like no other.

In a few months, you and your kids can fight as Crypto Boxer Yahu Blackwell, who is named the World Boxing Union (WBU) novice world champion. He has compiled a record of 15-0 in the International Boxing League (IBL). The Nigerian boxer was raised and still resides in Baltimore, MD; known as “The People’s Champion.”


What Crypto Boxers WBU Boxer Yahu Blackwell and his Manager are Saying:

Crypto Boxers Yahu Blackwell Invades Time SquareYahu Blackwell happily states, “my team and I are ecstatic about this launch.” He also revealed that he is “always looking for and reaching to the next frontier. Cryptocurrency is the next frontier and merging our game into that space seemed like a perfect marriage.”

Yahu took to social media stating:

“My new game “Crypto Boxers, People’s Champ” is being advertised in New York Cities “Times Square” @timessquarenyc (swipe ??) release date coming soon! All praise and esteem be to my AB “Yahuah.”

Blackwell’s manager and consultant Andrew Gilliam explains, “Crypto Boxers is the next logical step up over PlayStation. The game allows the player the opportunity to not only compete, but to also earn money upon winning.”

There is no other game in the gaming world where you fight, win boxing matches and earn money like in the crypto space. It’s also the first game to take over New York’s Time Square on digital billboards electrifying the night sky leaving bystanders mesmerized and intrigued.


How to Become a Crypto Boxers?

You can join the email list at and be updated weekly about the game. You can be one of the first to become a Crypto Boxer on the blockchain-based computing platform. Who doesn’t want to fight in the digital realm and be the first to call themselves the “Peoples Champ” in the digital boxing would. And you thought Ready Player One was just a movie. No, it’s already here, so are you ready player one? It’s time to become the first Crypto Boxer and win the title of “Peoples Champ”!