David Ortiz Shooter Speaks Through Jail Cell Window

David Ortiz Shooter Speaks Through Jail Cell Window

Wow, this is interesting. Former Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz Shooter issued a desperate statement from his jail cell Thursday.

You would think NOT going through with it would have been the right choice but reports say that Rolfy Ferreras Cruz indicated by the authorities as the person who fired against the former Slugger David Otiz. Continue on to watch David Ortiz shooter speaking through a jail cell…

CelebNSports247.com report that 25-year-old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz peeked his face out through bars in the Dominican Republic to address the hoards of reporters crowded outside the jail.

Rolfy Ferreras Cruz made a shocking claim in the video that David Ortiz aka Big Papi was NOT the man he was trying to kill.

Cruz said in Spanish from behind a barred window … explaining it was the color of David’s clothing that confused him.

David Ortiz Shooter said:

It wasn’t supposed to be David.

You can also hear another man in the cell — presumably another suspect in the case — telling David Ortiz shooter Rolfi in Spanish, “Tell them it wasn’t meant for David.”

Cruz did NOT reveal who the intended target was only suggesting he was sent to the Dial Bar on Sunday to kill another man who was dressed like Ortiz that night.

At this time, 6 people have been arrested in the attempted murder plot.  Meanwhile, cops are still searching for other suspects. Officials still have not revealed a possible motive for the attack.

Surveillance footage of the incident show 2 men — including Cruz — rolling up to the bar on a motorcycle. Cruz walks right up to Ortiz and shoots him in the back before trying to make a getaway.

As for Ortiz … his wife, Tiffany, says he’s been able to sit up and take steps this week … adding, “He continues to heal and make progress.”





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