Ex-Browns WR Antonio Callaway Witness to Horrific Miami Shooting

Ex-Browns WR Antonio Callaway Witnesses Horrific Miami Shooting

Ex-Browns WR Antonio Callaway Witness to Horrific Miami Shooting!

This video proves that you are NEVER safe when people are HEATED UP after a street brawl. Watch the shocking video as Antonio Callaway is a possible witness to horrific Miami shooting…

CelebNSports247.com reports former Cleveland Browns and now free-agent wide receiver Antonio Callaway was in the crowd when a person streaming a street brawl gets gunned down.

Antonio Callaway was just feet away from after multiple people turned their argument into an all-out brawl in the streets of Miami.

The brawl ended with one woman driving off, but the estrogen was still running high and the women were yelling in the streets.

Meanwhile, one woman was streaming the whole thing, but it appears that the women fighting didn’t want anyone to see the street brawl so the gunned down the 22-year-old streamer narrating the brawl.

In the video you see multiple women arguing and then BLAM! The woman streaming the whole thing drops to the ground. (end video):

Ex-Browns WR Antonio Callaway Witnesses Horrific Miami Shooting

TMZ who reported the horrific incident reports that it’s “unclear why the women were fighting or why Callaway was there. Tough you hear one woman say that was his cousin who was fighting. (allegedly)

As for the people in the crowd, they seemed excited about the brawl with one woman live-streaming the incident on Facebook.

But, after the fight, as people were leaving, multiple shots rang out and the woman who was live-streaming drops her phone.

We’ve confirmed the woman recording is being hospitalized in the ICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The Miami Police Dept. is investigating the shooting — but so far, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.


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