Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow Facing Life In Prison

Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow Facing Life In Prison

A year ago, ex NFL star Kellen Winslow was arrested after being accused of multiple sex crimes and rape charges.

Now, the Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow will stand trial and is facing life in prison if found guilty. Read on…

Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow Facing Life In Prison

CelebNSports247.com previously reported that Kellen Winslow was facing life in prison and now his trial to determine his fate is here.

Why are the hot ones like Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow always two brick shy of being sane?

Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow Facing Life In Prison

As the jury selection has begun, Yahoo Sports reports that former tight end Kellen Winslow will stand trial this week on two counts of kidnapping with intent to the following:

  • commit rape
  • two counts of forcible rape
  • two counts of residential burglary
  • one count of forcible oral copulation
  • one count of forcible sodomy
  • one count of indecent exposure

Ex-NFL Star Kellen, 35, faces a cumulative sentence that would put him away for life.

Ex-NFL Star Kellen Winslow Facing Life In Prison

In addition to charges that he raped two homeless women in Encinitas last year, Winslow has also been accused of raping an unconscious 17-year old girl back in 2003, when Winslow was 19. Winslow pleaded not guilty to all of those charges last year, but while he was out on $2 million bail he was arrested again for lewd conduct.

Not only that, Kellen Winslow is accused of touching himself in front of a 77-year-old woman at a gym and asking if she liked it, according to a report by Teri Figueroa of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Winslow also touched the woman’s arm and foot while they were in a hot tub at the gym nine days after the first incident. He has been locked up ever since then.

Yahoo Sports’ Dan Wetzel reports that Kellen Winslow’s defense could focus on mental illness.

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