Floyd Mayweather BLASTS Diddy; 50 Cent FIRES Back

Floyd Mayweather BLASTS Diddy; 50 Cent FIRES Back

Earlier this week boxing champion Floyd Mayweather put Diddy on blast because he wanted the homie discount at Mayweather’s strip club in Las Vegas.

Instead, of hooking Diddy up who would have dropped major loot for bottle service and more, Floyd Mayweather apparently denied Diddy. Now, 50 Cent is putting Floyd on BLAST saying he really messed up. Read on for the tea spill…


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Nothing in life is free.

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CelebNSports247.com reports that 50 Cent is coming to the defense of Diddy who Floyd Mayweather put on BLAST for NOT paying the $10K VIP price.

According to 50 Cent, Diddy only wanted to pay $5K but Floyd said: “Nothing in life is free.”

This is just another issue to stack up between 50 and Floyd Mayweather.

The Power, The Oath and BMF creator took to social media to air some dirt on the boxing champ and his greedy ways.

50 Cent said:

Champ you looking at this the wrong way, puffy only came to check the joint out to show you love. They say they want 10k for the VIP he gave them 5k. He would have fucked around and blew 30k with all his people. You had the man standing there like he ain’t who he is, till he told his people come on let’s go. ?AND YAL CAN KEEP THE 5 ? you ain’t the only rich nigga around here fool.