Gerald Green Blames Media for Suspension

Gerald Green Blames Media for Suspension

Houston Rockets baller Gerald Green is pointing the finger at the media now that he’s fresh off his two-game suspension for aggressively entering the LA Clippers locker room.

If you recall, last week Trevor Ariza & Gerald Green landed a 2 game suspension after the took a secret tunnel and got into the LA Clippers locker room to confront Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers. Read on…

Gerald Green Blames Media for Suspension has the latest developments since the suspension of Trevor Ariza, and Gerald Green.

Speaking before a game against the Miami Heat on Monday, Gerald Green said that he did “not want to talk about” his recent ban.

However, the Rockets swingman did have this to say about role of the press in the incident.

Green said this to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

“The media blew that up. That’s all I have to say. If it weren’t for the media being there, I would never have got suspended.”

Green, who just signed with Houston at the end of December, was suspended two games along with teammate Trevor Ariza for the Jan. 15 incident. It was reported that veteran Rockets like Chris Paul and James Harden, received no penalties.

If Green blames the media for getting him suspended, we wonder if that includes the part that social media played in the entire episode as well.


Memorable moments in the NBA when it comes to Trevor Ariza, Gerald Green, Chris Paul and James Harden vs Clippers Blake Griffin and Austin Rivers. Let’s be real they were after Austin for his mouthiness.