Gilbert Arenas Suing Ex + Emphasize Coaching is Key for Players

Gilbert Arenas SLAPS Ex with Lawsuit + Emphasize Coaching is Key for Players

Gilbert Arenas is taking his ex Janelle Reeves to court after he says her restraining order has affected his career.

Read on to see why Gilbert Arenas has had enough and has now filed a $10 million lawsuit against Reeves…

Gilbert Arenas SLAPS Ex with Lawsuit + Emphasize Coaching is Key for Players

Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images reports that Gilbert Arenas is claiming that the restraining order she put on him in June cost him a job at Yahoo Sports.

According to Reeves, she got a restraining order from Gilbert Arenas after he began harassing her when their relationship ended.

Yahoo Sports reports:

She says that he also threatened to send nude photos of her to her son. Arenas was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Reeves and her son, but the restraining order was dismissed a month later when Reeves failed to testify.

Now, since missing out on the Yahoo Sports opportunity, Arenas is suing for the money he would’ve made.

In additional news, the outspoken ex-NBA star Gilbert Arenas emphasize how important coaching is for player development.

Gilbert explains:

As a coach, you can take confidence away from a player. I always tell coaches, what’s scarier? A Pit Bull on a leash or a Pit Bull that’s walking by himself?

He adds:

You’ve just got to let your Pit Bull’s go. You want them to explore their talent.

That is a valid point shared by many athletes, including Jamaal Crawford who chimed in on his Twitter account (@JCrossover) in agreement with Arenas, who went on to say:

I tell kids at my camps this all time. Not always just about talent, in some situations, you are as good or as bad as the coach u play for.

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