James Harden Insta-THOT on a New Level

Just like ASAP FERG said it’s time to take it to a “New Level” nobody ever thought his THOT would do this?!?

If you didn’t know James Harden has a new chick on his arm, but this THOT is an obvious gold digger waiting to cash in…

James Harden Insta-THOT on a New Level

Houston Rockets MVP James Harden definitely has a type…THOTS! He’s been spotted with Miss Jessy

Funny how the Houston Rockets hated on Khloe Kardashian, but they’re cool with Harden’s new THOT, Jessy Kajanshel. This chick is so TURNT UP she makes the Kardashians look like G Rated girls next door!

Look at James Harden‘ THOT below:

James Harden Insta-THOT on a New Level

We have to admit, Khloe Kardashian was way more attractive than this chick. Jessy Kajanshel is looking a bit man-ish in the face to us. Plus her booty looks plastic surgeon made, her lips look filled and he nose looks like it have work. her body is banging if you like fake @ssets and breasts.

As DJ Khaled would say, another one. James is having an all around great year.

Don’t take our word on Harden’s Insta-THOT, aka Jessy Kajanshel. Look at the Selfies she’s been posting on her Instagram: