Johnny Manziel Selling Autographs + Selfies at Super Bowl XLI

Johnny Manziel Selling Autographs + Selfies

Ex-Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has gone from NFL superstar to has-been, and now he has resorted to selling autographs + selfies during Super Bowl week!?!

Get more patheticness from fallen NFL star Johnny Manziel…

Johnny Manziel Selling Autographs + Selfie

“Party Boy” Johnny Manziel is If you’re in the Houston area during Super Bowl week and have $149 to burn, you can get an autograph and a selfie from Johnny Manziel.

This is so sad and pathetic we can’t stop shaking our heads. The former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns quarterback will have two separate signings in the greater Houston area in the days leading up to Super Bowl LI.

Johnny Manziel hustling for money!

Manziel is back to his hustle, you know the same hustle that got him busted with Texas A&M. If you recall, the Heisman winner broke NCAA rules by signing autographs for money and was punished with a suspension.

Johnny Manziel won’t have to worry about getting suspended this time, because he’s NOT signed with anyone but himself. Plus this time the side hustle is completely outside NCAA jurisdiction and therefore without scrutiny. The ex-Cleveland Browns star is flying solo these days and living off of whatever is left from his NFL money. Johnny Manziel’s net worth is $4 million, but it appears that he’s trying to cash in on all the Super Bowl fans at Super Bowl XLI.

If you are a fan of the former NFL star then make sure to bring $150 bucks with you so you can nab a $99 autograph, and a $50 selfies (as seen above).

Johnny Manziel Selling Autographs + Selfies at Super Bowl XLI

Manziel was drafted by Cleveland in 2014. He played with the Browns for two seasons, but was released after a series of incidents. He didn’t play in the NFL in 2016.

Johnny Manziel Selling Autographs + Selfies at Super Bowl XLI

These days, he’s in the club or hanging with his Miami crew, as seen above.

Thoughts? Would you buy an autograph for $99 bucks and a selfie for $50? Is he worth that to anyone these days?