Khabib’s Manager FIRES Back at Conor McGregor

Khabib’s Manager Fired back at Conor McGregor

Maybe Khabib held McGregor’s neck too tight causing him to have a blurred view of the UFC 229 brawl.

Now, Khabib manager, Ali Abdelaziz has fired back at Conor lengthy open letter he posted earlier this week on Instagram.

We previously reported that Conor McGregor weighed in on the fight he lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov talking about he could have won it.

Continue on to see what  Ali Abdelaziz has to say about Conor McGregor’s views of the UFC 229 fight…

Khabib’s Manager Fired back at Conor McGregorAli Abdelaziz is BLASTING Conor McGregor for what he said about fighting Khabib. Read on and see what Khabib’s manager is saying about the fight. learned on Thursday that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has just approved a motion to release HALF of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s $2 million purse from UFC 229 immediately.

TMZ reports:

The other $1 million will be held until Khabib’s next hearing in front of the commission on Dec. 10, where the board will decide Khabib’s ultimate punishment for the melee at the Oct. 6 incident.

Board members said during the hearing that they felt the $1 million they’re still holding will cover all expenses related to the incident and is substantial enough to keep Khabib interested in the hearing.

Meanwhile Khabib manager, Ali Abdelaziz is letting McGregor have it in yet another long-winded open letter.

Ali Abdelaziz starts off saying:

First of all the champion @khabib_nurmagomedov is too busy enjoying his life and his family and does not give a shit what anyone says but this is my response to this weak soul, him and his sorry ass team already making some stupid ass excuses.

Abdelaziz breaks it down in bullets!

He starts off stating:

1) When a man gets held against his will and listens to you gasp for air, hopeless on your back how do you win a fight? If this was a street fight you’d be done. You got out grappled and out wrestled, looking like a little child.

2) Second round – the wrestler/grappler out struck you and hit you with a K Bomb and put you on your ass, taken down and hit with missile strikes from the guard and getting smashed in front of your whole family & crew.

3) Khabib stood the whole round with you to make a point that you’re a front runner. If you can knock someone else you give up like you did 5 times in your fighting career. THEN YOU MENTIONED THIS IS ONLY BUSINESS YOU PUT YOUR WHITE FLAG IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE.

4th round – God put mercy in Khabibs heart and decided to show the world you’re a tap machine and put on a neck crank that wasn’t even a choke. The proper technique is 2 on 1 try to peel the arm and defend the neck crank. You put your two hands on the ground and your hand only came up when you were ready to tap.

Khabib’s manager says “it’s embarrassing if you would have beat Khabib!”

He concluded by saying:

It’s embarrassing if you would have beat Khabib. It would have been fair and square you win w no excuses. Now If you can’t make us 100m we know you can’t go fight somebody else because your ass is not getting a rematch. Go open a liquor store and focus on selling alcohol especially after all the shit you talked. Just STFU and move on. @ufc #100mill

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