Lamar Odom Spotted Clubbing in Miami

Lamar Odom Spotted Clubbing in Miami

Former NBA star and ex husband of Khloe Kardashian Lamar Odom has come so far since his near death experience in Vegas. Over the weekend, Lamar got an early start in Miami on Thursday enjoying the nightlife at hotspot ORA.

Read on and get the tea spilling on Lamar Odom…

Lamar Odom Spotted Clubbing in Miami heard that Lamar Odom was in West Palm Beach visiting the acclaimed Hippocrates Institute, known for a vegan menu and healthful program.

The only porblem is that Lamar Odom was nowhere near the Hippocrates Institute. He was spotted hanging out enjoying the nightlife at hotspot ORA.

Of course, the fallen pro athlete couldn’t resist, he stayed in Miami and hit up a party hosted by rapper Fabolous, dancing in the DJ booth and chatting up a blonde model while nursing one cocktail all night.


Um, Lamar, really?

According to reports, Odom who was in town to oversee the sale of his Miami home, returned to ORA’s second floor mixology room, know as the AntiSocial room. The 6-foot-10 37-year-old hung out in the upstairs lounging on a velvet sofa and chatting up friends for a few hours.

It was said to be a sober night of fun, since it was said he was nursing a glass of cranberry juice all night. It was also said that NO adult beverages were seen in his hand.

Despite reports, Lamar is committed to his health, but he also still likes to have fun, without the alcohol and drugs.