Raptors Fans Anxiously Awaiting Kawhi Leonard’s Decision

Raptors Fans Anxiously Awaiting Kawhi Leonard's Announcement

All eyes are on two-time NBA Champion and self-proclaimed “fun guy” Kawhi Leonard as the basketball world anxiously awaits his decision during free agency.

The big question on everyone’s mind, “where will Kawhi Leonard go – Will he stay in Toronto? Will head to The LA Clippers or will he sign with the Los Angeles Lakers? Read on to see Raptors Fans Anxiously Awaiting Kawhi’s decision…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Toronto Raptors fans have been lining up in the streets of Toronto awaiting the news on where will Kawhi Leonard go?

The initial Sunday free agency frenzy may be over, but NBA Twitter never rests, especially when it comes to Raptors star Kawhi Leonard.

What will Kawhi Leonard’s Decision be?

A video of a private plan landing caused all types of speculation on it being Kawhi heading back to Toronto. Many assumed that he was also staying a Raptor, and he just might be, but he is urely weighing out his options.

Reports started coming saying:

This is the growing crowd outside the Hazelton Hotel in #Toronto where it’s believed Kawhi Leonard is about to meet with Raptors pres Ujiri and GM Webster

The question is, “will Kawhi Leonard keep his word and do what he said following the NBA Finals Championship win in Toronto?

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