Redskins Signs Reuben Foster Following 2nd Domestic Violence Claim

Redskins Signs Reuben Foster Following 2nd Domestic Violence Claim

Two days after Reuben Foster was released by San Francisco 49ers following a weekend arrest on a domestic violence charge he gets signed to the Washington Redskins?

What is up with the NFL hiring violent men who beat women, but they will pass on someone like Colin Kaepernick because he spoke out by kneeling?

The NFL shows how messed up the organization truly is when you hear the Reskins signed Reuben Foster over Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick is a great quarterback, but he still is passed over. Read on to see the statement the Redskins released…

Redskins Signs Reuben Foster Following 2nd Domestic Violence Claim reports Reuben Foster got arrested yet again, it didn’t take the San Francisco 49ers very long to make a decision and release him from the roster.

The NFL didn’t take any time in finding the violence player Reuben Foster a new team to play for.

Next, the Washington Redskins claimed the troubled linebacker off waivers, which sparked a blaze of criticism from throughout the NFL world.

Despite landing a new team, Foster was placed on the NFL’s commissioner’s exempt list pending a league investigation into the charge, meaning it is unlikely Foster will play for the Redskins this year. Players on the list are not allowed to attend practices or play in games. – Washington Post

The Redskins did not comment beyond releasing a statement from Senior Vice President of Player Personnel Doug Williams.

Williams said in the statement:

The Redskins fully understand the severity of the recent allegations made against Reuben. If true, you can be sure these allegations are nothing our organization would ever condone.

The Skins are a franchise that has dealt with numerous PR nightmares over the last decade, but his one is the lowest. This is NOT the first time Foster has been accused of domestic violence.

All it shows is that the NFL doesn’t care how terrible of a man Foster is to his girlfriend. All that matters is to have him play until he’s all used up.


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