Rockets’ James Harden New Chick Trying to Cash In

Rockets' James Harden New Chick Trying to Cash In

It appears that Houston Rockets star James Harden new chick is a true gold digger because she is trying to cash in on her new found fame.

Since James Harden broke it off with R&B singer Ashanti last year, he put his arm around his new chick “Arab Money” and all she’s seeing is dollar signs. Read on…

Rockets' James Harden New Chick Trying to Cash has another baller falling for the wrong Instagram THOT once again. This time Houston Rockets star James Harden, the bearded baller.

James Harden, 29, has been dating Instagram model (THOT) Arab Money since he dumped R&B singer Ashanti, who had a summer fling.

These days, Arab Money is Harden’s main chick, but she’s doing the most by trying to capitalize off her newfound fame.

Get this, she’s selling her very own merch, with her nickname Prime on the gear, according to SportsGossip who spilled the tea.

While James is scoring on and off the court, Arab Money is the true definition of THOT trying to cash in while she has some notoriety and clout.

This won’t last for Harden, but we get that she’s trying to ride the wave and make those coins before her 15-minutes are up.

Rockets' James Harden New Chick Trying to Cash In


In other news, Rob Kardashian is still a fan of NBA star James Harden despite him being one of Khloé Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends.

Kris Jenner’s only son, Rob, 31, retweeted a post from Sports Illustrated on Wednesday, saying:

James Harden’s scoring during his 30-point game streak which began December 13th … 42.2 points per game. Not. Human.

Harden dumped Khloe back when she was nursing Lamar back to health after he overdosed at the Love Ranch Las Vegas Brothel. James revealed why he split with her telling Sports Illustrated the following year that he “didn’t like all the attention” that came with their public relationship.

Here is Harden’s chick Arab Money below.