Su’a Cravens NEEDS HELP: He Posts Suicidal Tweet

Su'a Cravens Posts Suicidal Message On Twitter

Ex-Washington Redskins, Bronco and now free agent Su’a Cravens took to social media posting a disturbing message that sounds suicidal.

Someone NEEDS to check on Su’a Cravens and make sure he is alright. Moments ago Su’a Craven took to Twitter with a “goodbye” and “RIP” message which has everyone worried. Read on to get help for Su’a Cravens Suicidal Tweet… is shocked to see this. We understand that he was cut by the Washington Redskins and the Broncos this year, but when times get tough you have to be tougher.

Su’a Cravens Suicidal Tweet makes it clear that he desperately needs family or a friend to check on him and his well being.

The former Redskins and Broncos defensive back recently took to social media and posted some scary messages that had people worried that he might be trying to do something to himself.

Cravens bragged about beating up Beasley on Snapchat:

I just had to beat a n—a a—that just tried me. Scratched my face, but I f—-d that n—a up, ol b—h a-s n—a.

The woman in the middle of the brawl was identified as Instagram model Montana Yao. She is the mother of Beasley’s son, who was born in March.

Watch the video provided by surveillance cameras via TMZ:

Su’a Cravens Suicidal Tweet has everyone worried. Since the footage and being cut from two NFL teams Su’a has changed a lot on his social media accounts, including his display name as “RIP.”

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