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Jags Fan Told Seahawks Quinton Jefferson He Was "Going To F-ck His Mom"

Jags Fan Told Seahawks Quinton Jefferson He Was “Going To F-ck His Mom”

Jacksonville Jaguars fans crossed the line with Seattle Seahawks Quinton Jefferson, who was one of two players were eventually tossed from the game.

Quinton Jefferson got into it with several Jags fans and almost jumped into the crowd after someone hurled a drink dangerously close to his face. Read on to find out what else happened…

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LVPD Profiled Michael Bennett Because He's Black

LVPD Profiled Michael Bennett Because He’s Black

This is getting real tiresome that police keep pointing the finger at a black man who was trying to run for safety. If that had any sense they would have realized that he was a professional NFL player and NOT some thug.

The police continue to profile blacks in America because of their complexion and it’s disgusting! Read on to see what Michael Bennett has to say about the social injust….

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Michael Bennett Sits During National Anthem Protesting Virginia

Michael Bennett Protests Virginia KKK Rally Sitting During National Anthem

Before you start judging Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett, he made a statement on why he sat during the national anthem. Bennett told the press, “This Is Bigger Than Me, This Is Bigger Than Football,” and we support his reasons.

Read on to see why Michael Bennett kicked off the preseason by sitting on the bench during the national anthem…

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