The Knicks FIRE Derek Fisher so Matt Barnes Weighs In

Derek Fisher

We bet Matt Barnes can call this Karma, because The Knicks FIRE Derek Fisher so Matt Barnes Weighs In!!! and has the latest about Derek Fisher getting FIRED and his nemesis Matt Barnes Weighing In on the situation on the flip…

derek fisher

Did you hear, The Knicks FIRE Derek Fisher earlier today?

Earlier today The NY Knicks fired head coach Derek Fisher after the Knicks went on a 1-9 losing stretch before the All-Star game. The Knicks are 23-31 this season after going 17-65 in Fisher’s first season in 2014-15. New York’s current losing skid contributed to the timing of the move. Apparently the team was already convinced Fisher was not transitioning from the role of player to coach effectively. has learned via ESPN, Fisher was hired by team president Phil Jackson to rectify the struggling New York franchise.

According to source who told ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, they felt that Derek Fisher was not transitioning from the role of player to coach effectively!

Fisher and Jackson have a history together dating back to when Jackson coached the Lakers, and Fisher was a point guard on the team that won five championships.  Apparently the stress of living up to head coach was a bit much for Fisher, so it sounds Like Fisher being removed from the position was a good thing for everyone.

Jackson said:

“I know it’s a relief for him, taking away some of that stress from the job.”

“It’s also a person I have a long relationship with and care deeply about and hope for his success. It’s time for us to make a change, turn this team around and move forward and get some wins and keep going down the road we started here at the beginning of the year.”

Fisher said in a statement that reads as follows:

“This is a very talented team with strong character and I am confident they will succeed. Obviously, I’m disappointed, but have learned an immense amount from this experience and hope to grow from it.”


Jackson said that he and general manager Steve Mills made the final decision on firing Fisher.

As soon as the news reached Matt Barnes, who got caught up in a brawl in his ex wife’s home, the Grizzles baller posted the photo below.

Matt Barnes decided to just post the photo with no words since it got him in trouble last time, but this photos says it all. Matt’s stern and the “I told you Karma was going to bite you in the @ss look says it all.”

Take a look:

Matt Barnes
Over the past weeks Derek Posted a series of motivating photos talking about coaching and how to build a strong team. Unfotunately it didn’t workout for Fisher or fans, because they were letting him have it every time he posted on his IG.

Check out the photos Derek Fisher posted below:

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