The Truth Why Antonio Brown was Benched

The Truth Why Antonio Brown was Benched

Now that the Pittsburgh Steelers are NOT heading to the playoffs to battle for the Superbowl, the truth why Antonio Brown was benched.

It appears the team kept this news under wraps for as long as possible, but with all the finger pointing and rumors of “massive dysfunction” within the team the tea is spilling. Read on…

The Truth Why Antonio Brown was reports why the standout wide receiver Antonio Brown was inactive for the game because it wasn’t for his knee injury.

Nope, the tea spilling is that wide receiver Antonio Brown got in a heated argument with a teammate and threw a football at him.

The tea spill comes from My Sports Update who reports:

Steelers WR Antonio Brown was benched for Sunday’s game vs Cincy, per @EdBouchette. Brown had a heated dispute with a teammate during Wednesday’s practice. Brown was “disgusted” and threw a football at one of his teammates. He also skipped Saturday night’s team meeting.

They added:

Brown not playing on Sunday had nothing to do with a knee injury. He made the decision to not practice w/ teammates after Wednesday. One player called the situation “embarrassing” & “the worst I’ve seen.” Brown ended up leaving Sunday’s game at halftime.

Wow. Thoughts?

Better luck next year Steelers.

We wonder if AB will have any of his teammates over to chill in that badass treehouse during the off-season?

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