Tyson Fury Training To Fight Conor McGregor Next

Tyson Fury Training To Fight Conor McGregor Next

In just a few day’s time, lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury will make his WWE wrestling debut in Saudi Arabia.

The ‘Gypsy King’ aka Tyson Fury is following in the footsteps of big boxing stars in the past who’ve done similar like Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather. After this fight, he has more BIG news. Read on for more on Tyson Fury Conor McGregor fight…

CelebNSports247.com has learned that Tyson Fury is planning some even bigger moves outside of just this week’s WWE debut.

According to Tyson Fury, he is planning on his next fight to be with none other than the most famed MMA and UFC fighter in the world, Dublin’s Conor McGregor.

While speaking live on television to Sky Sports News, Fury said:

Tyson Fury’s taking over! World domination!

The 31-year-old 6? 9? and 257 lbs British boxer who holds the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles went on to say that he’s now even planning a move to the sport of mixed martial arts:

You might see Tyson Fury have his MMA debut this year too.

He continued to say:

Yeah, I’ve been speaking to Conor (McGregor) about it and he’s willing to train me and it’s going to be good.

And before you think it, Fury added he’s not worried about transitioning into a different combat sport, emphasizing:

Yeah, I come from a long line of bare-knuckle boxing champions.

On what McGregor told him he said the Irishman offered to train him:

He just said anytime you are ready and get the time lets go. Come over to Dublin.

This should be interesting to see, as long as it comes true. BoxingNews first published the news of Tyson Fury readying to fight Connon McGregor.

What do you think about a Tyson Fury Conor McGregor fight?

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