Alex Rodriguez Made Madison LeCroy Sign NDA; Tea Still Leaked

Alex Rodriguez Made Madison LeCroy Sign NDA; Tea Still Leaked

Alex Rodriguez Made Madison LeCroy Sign NDA; Tea Still Leaked!

Never trust a woman who is willing to DM and flirt with you while you are engaged or in a relationship. A woman like that has ulterior motives and an agenda. Most likely, it’s her way for a come-up, so don’t be fooled by women like LeCroy.

To ALL men in sports, take notes from former MLB heavy hitter Alex Rodriguez, who made Southern Charm‘s Madison LeCroy sign an NDA about their DMs. The NDA has kept Madison LeCroy quiet about all the DM exchanges with ARod. Read on for the tea spill on Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy… reports that in an interview with Us Weekly on Wednesday, Madison LeCroy’s Southern Charm co-star, Shep Rose spilled some tea.

Shep revealed that Madison signed a non-disclosure agreement about her secret direct messages and FaceTimes with the former MLB slugger before the story came out at the season 7 Southern Charm reunion in February 2021.

Shep Rose said:

I know that there was, like, an NDA signed, which doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore, not worth the price of the paper they’re printed on. It’s crazy and, you know, mixed emotions about it because I think our show started as fairly normal, humble people…your average small-town, Southern people. And now it’s like, you know, DMing baseball stars and stuff and it’s all good. It’s not anybody’s fault, but it’s turned into something a little more cheesy than I would’ve liked, but that was bound to happen.

It was back in February when A-Rod found his name being linked to LeCroy as cheating rumors surfaced.

Rumors swirled last month that Rodriguez cheated with Madison on his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez after her Southern Charm co-star claimed at the reunion that she “flew to Miami to f-ck” an unnamed married former MLB player.

Madison denied that her relationship with Rodriguez was romantic.

She claimed:

He contacted me. And yes, we DMed. But other than that, there was nothing. I’ve never physically seen him, touched him. I am not a f—king liar and I will stand up for that.

Hmm, it sounds like Madison LeCroy found a way to have the tea leak through a loophole in the NDA. She had Shep Rose leak the tea instead.

Well, it appears Madison LeCroy is a homewrecker since Lopez has now called off their 2-year engagement and the celebrity couple has broken up.

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