Ana Montana Says She Is “NOT Using” 19-Year-Old LaMelo Ball

Ana Montana Says She Is "NOT Using" 19-Year-Old LaMelo Ball

Ana Montana Says She Is “NOT Using” 19-Year-Old LaMelo Ball!

To kick this off, Instagram model Ana Montana is 32 years old and previously said that she would never mess with a guy under the age of 27.

Well, this is hypocritical because Ana Montana is doing exactly what she said she would not. She is dipping in the teenager pool messing with 19-Year-Old LaMelo Ball. reports that NBA rookie of the year, LaMelo Ball has had himself a pretty busy summer.

When it comes to his personal life, LaMelo Ball has made headlines, especially when it came to his love life. And when it comes to rumors, it was said that the youngest Ball brother was rumored to be seeing Instagram model Ana Montana, Malik Beasley’s ex-wife.

Ana Montana Says She Is "NOT Using" 19-Year-Old LaMelo Ball

Well, the rumors ended up being true, but now Ana Montana is making it clear that she is NOT using LaMelo.

Isn’t that what you would say when in actuality you are using LaMello?

Why would a 32-year-old woman mess with a 19-year-old boy?

Well, just like a man, Ana Montana probably likes the control of it. Dating someone younger give the older person the advantage. Meanwhile on the 19-year-old side, its cool because Melo can say he’s dating an older woman, plus she can teach him a lot sexually.

Hey we did it, and we enjoyed the experience, but it didn’t last. When Melo hits 20 or 21 he will be done with Ana…it’s just how things go in life.

Meanwhile, Ana Montana is going public about not using LaMelo Ball, stating:

Y’all do know I have MY OWN money and take care of myself and family right? Lol!

What she doesn’t realize is making statements like this, is actually using LaMelo’s name so she can get cred.

Apparently, social media isn’t buying it, but they are playing right into the palm of her hand. They are talking about her.

Ana is sounding like Bol Bol’s now ex-girlfriend who just got busted admitting she is a gold digger.

The bottom line, the whole thing is messy.