Conor McGregor Says Leg Rehab 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

Conor McGregor Says Leg Rehab 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

Conor McGregor Says Leg Rehab 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule!

According to McGregor, he’s absolutely crushing his leg rehab. Is crushing the right word? Too soon? We all remember that disgusting leg break he suffered. OMG Yuck! Get more on Conor McGregor leg rehab... reports that Conor McGregor says that he can’t wait for 2022 to get here.

The UFC superstar shared the great news following a visit to the doc’s office in L.A. on Thursday. He was giddily explaining that he’s been cleared to ride a bike nearly a month earlier than medical experts initially expected.

Conor said:

Five weeks, five days since the surgery and they told me I wouldn’t be able to cycle until eight weeks. And, he just told me just here today that I can cycle again!

Take a look at his post from last week:

It’s a very positive update from the 33-year-old … ’cause back on July 10, he snapped his leg in gruesome fashion during his fight against Dustin Poirier that many believed could alter his life permanently.

McGregor is ready to prove everyone WRONG on their assumptions.

Conor’s been in great spirits ever since going under the knife … and he showed us again Thursday that he’s genuinely pleased with how the injury is progressing.

Conor said before driving off from his doctor appointment:

I can cycle again, my man! Three weeks ahead of schedule!

As for who he wants to fight when ultimately makes his return … Despite his vow to return to the UFC, Conor clearly ain’t ahead of schedule in that department


We’ll see what happens.